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30 years of MFG 

Housed in the old Coal Creek school, we are a 30 year old business.  In 1990 Progressive Enterprises was founded building a variety of kits and assemblies.  Over the next 15 years the business grew as it served industrial machinery markets.  In the late 2000s offshoring of manufacturing took its toll on many businesses including this one, contracting the size of the business to nearly half.  In hindsight, many businesses were not able to weather this activity in the United States.  With sound leadership from Robert Warnick the business focused on delighting customers and expanding its services.  

Today the business is growing as the pitfalls of offshoring have become known and the needs to ensure short predictable supply chains have become more understood.  We value being close to our partners (customers and suppliers) and hope you will too!

Still Waters Manufacturing

In 2022 Progressive Enterprises was purchased by Jake and Kindra Church.  With 16 years of manufacturing experience Jake brings a vision for best practices in manufacturing to the 32 years that Progressive has served its customers.  The purchase gave us an opportunity to update the name of the business and recognize the new challenges that face businesses today.  


Psalm 23 says, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul."   We make no secret that it has been the Lord's leading that go Jake and Kindra from Lewiston Idaho to New Richmond Indiana in a position of owning this business.  With the Lord's leading we desire that this business would be still waters amid a complex and challenging manufacturing environment.  

We are "Great people, always simplifying".  30 years of manufacturing experience resulted in the best of this business is good people that work in it.  We have simple computer systems, processes, and work environments.  Such simplicity is a good foundation for serving customers and solving problems.  


(765) 307 - 6403


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