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SOLIX Robotic Sprayers

We are thrilled to announce that Still Waters Manufacturing is partnering with Solinftec to custom manufacture their Solix Ag Robots.  These are autonomous sprayers that utilize advanced logic to identify weeds then apply sprays to just the weeds.  The sprayer is continuing to be developed by a team of engineers at Solinftec out of their facilities in Brazil and in Lafayette / West Lafayette Indiana.  Over the coming years it is easy to see where this technology could play an influential role in farming perhaps changing much of today's methods for the better.  A friend of ours has commented that sprays are one of the most costly inputs to their operation and efficiency of spraying would have a big impact.

Coal Creek Central School gets a new job 

The old Gym at Coal Creek saw a lot of basketball games in its day!  So many of the people in this area have vivid memories of their high school years and the fun they had at the school.  NOW, this old building is going to continue on serving this community in a way that it didn't imagine.  Building robotic sprayers!   We are told that in years past the kids attending school got to see the various crops and animals outside while they were inside doing band, shop, english or math.  Today multiple farmers are raising corn, wheat, beans, cattle, sheep and hogs all around us.  Not far from here ethanol and bourbon are produced along with various feeds in our own local ag centers.  We in fact have our own stand of alfalfa and are proud to serve and be a member of the farming community.  


Still Waters Manufacturing 

For over 30 years Progressive Enterprises served Hyster Yale and in 2022 that business was purchased and became Still Waters Manufacturing.  We continue to serve Hyster Yale in what is a really fine business partnership.  Every week this facility turns out over 1000 various kits, assemblies, hydraulic hose assemblies and light assemblies.  The people working here are fine hard workers who like the people that live around here are good folks working hard to care for their families and do a quality job.  On Fridays the whole team gets together for Friday Lunch that we provide and enjoys eachother's company, learns about upcomming activities and works to build a positive culture.  This week I am making 3-2-1 ribs over the Traegar.  

In the coming month we are looking to hire 4 -6 people to join the team on a temporary basis as we build this second round of robots.  In the future we may see this become regular work.  If you are interested in joining our team send a note to

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